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Automatic Sugar Dispensing System

Discover the cutting-edge Automatic Sugar Dispensing System by AshtaTech. This fully automated solution revolutionizes sugar dispensing in the food manufacturing industry. With multiple dispensing modes, high accuracy, and precision weighing technology, it guarantees efficient and precise sugar handling, streamlining your production processes.

  • An automatic sugar dispensing system is a device that dispenses sugar in a controlled and automated manner. It can be useful in various settings such as in the food industry and establishments. The system can be designed to dispense a specific amount of sugar per serving, eliminating the need for manual measuring and reducing waste.

    The system can consist of several components such as a hopper for storing sugar, a dispensing mechanism, a measuring device, and a control system. The hopper can be designed to hold a certain amount of sugar, which can be replenished as needed. The dispensing mechanism can be activated by the control system, which can be programmed to dispense a specific amount of sugar.

    There are various ways to design the dispensing mechanism, such as using a motorized auger to move the sugar & a piston mechanism The measuring device can be a sensor or a weight scale, which can ensure that the desired amount of sugar is dispensed accurately.

    Overall, an automatic sugar dispensing system can save time and reduce waste in settings where sugar is frequently used. It can also improve accuracy and consistency in dispensing sugar, ensuring that customers receive the same amount every time.

    We have a 400 KG Capacity model which can dispense from 100 gms to 10,000 gms of sugar at once in a load cell based container. However, This can be customized as per customer requirement . 

    • Capacity :- 500 kg

    • Dispensing rate :- 5 KG / Min

    • Accuracy :- 50 grams per five kg of sugar

    • Controller :- Programmable logic controller (PLC)/ Microcontroller, level sensors, dispensing valves

    • Material of construction :- Stainless steel

    • Surface finish :- Matte

    • Safety features :- Lockout/tagout devices, emergency shutoff switches

    • Weight :- 250 kg

    • Dimensions :- 1000 mm x 1000 mm x 2000 mm

    • Power requirements :- 110 V, 60 Hz

    • Operating temperature range :- 0°C to 40°C

    • Noise level :- 70 dBA

    • Warranty :- One year