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Online Checkweigher

The Online Checkweigher by AshtaTech is a high-precision weight measurement and inspection system designed for industries such as food manufacturing, mattress production, and automobile manufacturing. It ensures accurate weight control, real-time weighing, and automatic sorting, contributing to improved quality, efficiency, and cost reduction.

  • Online Check Weigher System suitable to check weights of cartons, tins, jars, boxes and all types of packed articles. System designed according to customers specific requirements and incorporated with standard weights. Functions incorporated for total output, nos of output, total quantity of output or packed articles, underweight or overweight articles during the batch, during the working day. Capable of storing data for a week to maximum two weeks. Our on-line check weigher comes with a side drive belt for better functionality of the machine. It encompasses advanced digital signal processing. AshtaTech had developed the complete packaging line including online checkweigher system with Taping machine & Strapping machine.


    • Precise designing

    • Sturdy construction

    • Long serving life

    • Power: -220 v ,2.2 kw

    • Hardness:- 40 – 60 hrc

    • Shaft Diameter:- 9, 13, 17 mm

    • Weighing range :- 10 g to 10 kg

    • Accuracy :- ±0.2 g to ±10 g

    • Weighing speed :- 60 to 600 pcs/min

    • Belt size :- 100 mm x 100 mm to 1000 mm x 1000 mm

    • Conveyor speed :- 0.1 m/s to 1 m/s

    • Automation :- Programmable logic controller (PLC), touch screen display

    • Material of construction :- Stainless steel

    • Safety features :- Interlocks, emergency shutoff switches