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Quality Inspection Conveyor

The Quality Inspection Conveyor by AshtaTech is a state-of-the-art solution designed to ensure meticulous quality control in industries such as food manufacturing, mattress production, and automobile manufacturing. It provides a reliable and efficient platform for thorough inspection of products, helping businesses maintain high quality standards and minimize defects.

  • The Quality Inspection Conveyor offered by AshtaTech is a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the stringent quality control requirements of industries such as food manufacturing, mattress production, and automobile manufacturing. With its advanced features and customizable options, this conveyor system provides businesses with an efficient platform for thorough product inspection, ensuring that only the highest quality goods reach the market.

    One of the key features of the Quality Inspection Conveyor is its adjustable speed control. Operators have the flexibility to set the conveyor's speed according to the specific inspection needs, allowing ample time for detailed examination. This feature ensures that products move steadily, facilitating comprehensive scrutiny and enabling inspectors to identify even the most minute defects or inconsistencies.

    The conveyor system can be equipped with customizable inspection stations, tailored to the specific requirements of the industry and product being inspected. These stations may include specialized lighting to enhance visibility, magnification tools for detailed analysis, cameras for remote inspection, or sensors for automated defect detection. The ability to customize the inspection stations provides businesses with the flexibility to adapt the system to their unique quality control processes.

    The Quality Inspection Conveyor incorporates advanced data logging capabilities, enabling the recording and analysis of inspection results. This feature allows businesses to maintain comprehensive records of inspection findings, facilitating quality assurance documentation and regulatory compliance. Moreover, the generated reports help identify patterns or trends in product defects, allowing businesses to implement corrective measures and continuously improve their manufacturing processes.

    • Max Product Size - 5100 mm X 2200 mm

    • Max Product Height - 400 mm

    • Max Conveyor Speed - 40 m/sec

    • Conveyor Length - 5100 mm

    • Conveyor Width - 2200 mm

    • Conveyor Height - 865 mm

    • Loading Capacity :- 150 Kg

    • Voltage Type - 415 VAC - (III+N+PE)

    • Compressed Air - 6-8 Bar