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Cartesian Robotic Arm

The Robotic Arm BR-ULTRA is a high-performance automation solution designed for industries such as food manufacturing, mattress production, and automobile manufacturing. With its advanced capabilities and precision, it streamlines production processes, enhances efficiency, and delivers exceptional results.

  • The Robotic Arm BR-ULTRA is a cutting-edge automation solution designed to meet the demanding needs of industries such as food manufacturing, mattress production, and automobile manufacturing. With its robust construction, high payload capacity, and extended reach capability, it offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

    One of the key features of the BR-ULTRA is its high payload capacity, allowing it to handle heavy objects with ease. Whether it's lifting large automobile components or handling bulky mattresses, this robotic arm delivers exceptional strength and stability. It minimizes the reliance on manual labor, reducing the risk of injuries and improving overall production efficiency.

    Additionally, the BR-ULTRA boasts an extended reach capability, enabling it to access a wide range of work areas. Its versatile movements and extended reach make it suitable for applications that require flexibility, such as handling objects in confined spaces or reaching across large production lines. This versatility enhances operational efficiency and enables seamless integration into existing production workflows.

    The advanced control system of the BR-ULTRA further sets it apart. With precise motion control and programming flexibility, it can perform complex tasks with accuracy and repeatability. The intuitive interface and programming language offer ease of use and customization, allowing businesses to optimize their production processes according to specific requirements.

    The Robotic Arm BR-ULTRA brings numerous benefits to industries seeking automation solutions. By increasing productivity, it reduces operational costs and accelerates production cycles. The extended reach capability enhances versatility, enabling businesses to adapt to changing production needs and handle a variety of tasks. Furthermore, the precision and accuracy of the BR-ULTRA ensure consistent product quality and minimize errors, leading to customer satisfaction and improved brand reputation.

    • Payload :- Up to 200 kg

    • Axis :- 2-5

    • Reach :- 200 to 3000 mm

    • Stretcher :- Gantry

    • Motor :- Servo

    • Mounting :- Floor , wall & Angles

    • Software :- Ashrob touchy – easy to use software