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Cross Roller Conveyor

The Cross Roller Conveyor by AshtaTech is a versatile and efficient solution for precise and controlled material handling in industries such as food manufacturing, mattress production, and automobile manufacturing. It utilizes a unique cross-roller design to ensure smooth and accurate movement of goods along the production line.

  • The Cross Roller Conveyor is a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the demands of modern manufacturing processes. Its unique cross-roller design sets it apart from traditional conveyor systems, providing exceptional stability and precise movement of goods. This conveyor is widely used in industries such as food manufacturing, mattress production, and automobile manufacturing, where accuracy and control are paramount.

    The cross-roller configuration of the conveyor ensures that products are securely held in place during transportation, minimizing slippage and maintaining precise alignment. This feature is particularly beneficial when handling delicate or fragile items that require careful positioning. By reducing product damage and improving alignment, the Cross Roller Conveyor enhances overall product quality and reduces waste.

    One of the significant advantages of the Cross Roller Conveyor is its adjustable speed and direction capabilities. Operators can fine-tune the conveyor's speed to match the production requirements, ensuring efficient material handling. The ability to change the direction of movement allows for flexibility in production line layouts and facilitates seamless integration with other automated processes.

    The modularity of the Cross Roller Conveyor is another key benefit. Its modular design enables easy expansion and customization. Additional sections can be added or modified to accommodate changing production needs or to adapt to new product lines. This scalability feature ensures that the conveyor system can grow with the business, minimizing the need for significant investments in new equipment.

    • Max. Mattress Size :- 220 cm x 220 cm

    • Max. Mattress Height :- 400 mm

    • Max. Conveyor SpeedVertical Up Down Mechanism  :- 40 m/minPneumatic System

    • Voltage Type :- 415 VAC (III+N+PE)

    • Compressed Air :- 6-8 Bar