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Automatic Destacking And Printing Conveyor

The Automatic Destacking & Printing Conveyor by AshtaTech is a state-of-the-art automated solution designed for industries such as food manufacturing, mattress production, and automobile manufacturing. It combines destacking and printing functionalities, streamlining the production process and optimizing efficiency.

  • An automatic carton denesting and printing machine is a type of machine used in the packaging industry to automatically denest (separate) folded cartons and print them with the desired information, such as product codes, expiration dates, and other markings.

    The machine typically consists of a magazine or feeder that holds a stack of folded cartons, a denester mechanism that separates the cartons and places them onto a conveyor, a printing mechanism that applies ink or other marking materials to the cartons, and a collection mechanism that gathers the printed cartons and stacks them for further processing.

    The machine uses sensors and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to control the denesting and printing process, ensuring that each carton is accurately separated and printed with the correct information. Some machines may also incorporate vision systems or other quality control measures to detect and reject defective cartons.

    Automatic carton denesting and printing machines can significantly increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs in industries that require high-volume carton printing, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

    • Conveyor belt width :- 250-550mm

    • Conveyor Belt Length :- 1500 - 2000mm

    • Frequency :- 50/60 Hz

    • Application :- Lids, Pouch, Carton box etc

    • Speed :- 300 Lids or Cartons / Minute

    • Power :- 1HP / 1440 RPM

    • Weight Approx. :- 75KG

    • Speed Control system :- inverter System

    • Machine body Stainless Steel :- 304 Food Grade