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Ashta Tech



Articulated Robotic Arm

Ash UV 500 Sterilization Conveyor

Assembly & Tilt Conveyor

Automatic Destacking And Printing Conveyor

Automatic Hot Melt Glue Dispenser

Automatic Mattress Packing System

Automatic Mattress Production Line

Automatic Mattress Stacking System

Automatic Solvent Based Glue Dispensing System

Automatic Sugar Dispensing System

Cartesian Robotic Arm

Carton Filling And Packing Machine

Cross Roller Conveyor

Industrial Pan Chiller

Mattress Compression Machine

Online Checkweigher

Printing & Packing Conveyorise Line

Quality Inspection Conveyor

Scara Robot

Single Axis Robotic Arm

Straight Roller Conveyor

Tape Edge Tilting Conveyor

Transfer Pump

Twin Station Automatic Soan Papdi Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

Variable Volumetric Dispenser With Precision

Water Based Dispensing System

Our Products

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